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Moving Business Operations between the US and Spain

October 2, 2008
350 Fifth Avenue, Suite 2600, New York New York

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Moving Business Operations between the US and Spain is geared towards managers and employees involved in the implantation of a business operation in the US or in Spain.  The seminar focus is on gaining the cultural proficiency and the marketing competitive edge required to enter the US market or to take a US operation abroad.  The power of culture and language in business will be discussed, utilizing personal anecdotes and real examples from Cova Solutions clients.

After the seminar participants will be able to:

  • understand the market and legal environment that they are about to enter.
  • speed up the process of establishing credibility and building business networks.
  • identify aspects of culture that impact the thought and behavior patterns of Spanish and US workforce, in order to avoid miscommunication.
  • proactively deal with issues faced by expatriate employees.
  • create a customized action plan for their business operation.

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Chamberlain Law www.chamberlainlaw.com

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About the Speakers

Mariah Fike

Mariah Fike is an intercultural training consultant for Cova Solutions, where she also leads the Special Programs Division of Covalingua, managing clients with offices in both the US and Spain. Her formal qualifications and work experience overseas, make MF an experienced and empathetic cultural awareness trainer. 

Since graduating from Yale University, MF has split her time between China and Spain where she worked in the fields of education, language services, and cultural consulting.  MF’s experience includes a professorship at China Agricultural University (China), Cultural Liaison for an international graphic design company (Spain) and Project Manager for Covalingua LLC (Spain/USA).

This California native currently resides in Barcelona.

Esther Diz

Esther Diz is the President and Head of Business Development of Cova Solutions since 2004. Previously, Esther served as Project Manager for a large global communications and translation company, which encouraged her efforts to create Covalingua and promote the importance of top quality professional language services and cross cultural training.

As the President of the company, Diz has responsibility for the day-to-day management of the two offices, located in Catalonia (Spain) and Pennsylvania. She is also the Head of BD and main face and contact for first time clients.

ED is a graduate (Hons) of John Moores University, Liverpool (England) and earned her Maitrise at the University of Aix-Marseille, Aix-en-Provence (France).

Jason Balliet

Jason Balliet is the Director of Strategic Accounts for Sales and Marketing at Gamesa Wind US, a Spanish-based world leading wind turbine manufacturing company. His expertise resides in the Management of cross-cultural, cross-departmental teams of Directors to ensure alignment of corporate and client commercial interests.

Over the past five years JB has acquired practical knowledge developing localized policies and procedures; melding diverse corporate cultures; cooperating and coordinating across national identities and borders; building departments and teams; managing explosive growth; and setting and attaining objectives.

In addition to a degree in Geological Engineering, JB has an MBA from Villanova University and speaks fluent Spanish.

Jonathan DePriest

Jonathan DePriest leads the Spanish practice at Chamberlain Hrdlicka, where he advises Spanish companies on all aspects of establishing and maintaining operations in the United States, as well as on mergers, acquisitions, acquisition finance and ongoing general corporate representation.  His unique perspective as trusted advisor to many Spanish clients over the years provides him with critical insight on how to address the challenges of cross-cultural issues and developing policies that work in the United States and fulfill the needs of corporate management in Spain.

Among other practices, Chamberlain Hrdlicka has a nationally recognized international tax practice that allows Spanish clients to structure their operations with an eye toward managing the future benefits in a tax-efficient manner. 

Jonathan DePriest has a BA in Economics from Trinity University and a JD from the University of Texas School of Law.  He has lived, studied and worked in Spain, and speaks fluent Spanish.

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