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Atlanta Tax Forum - Cobb Galleria

September 9, 2009
Cobb Galleria Centre, Ballroom A

Asset Protection:  Why Procrastinate Now?
by James M. Kane, Attorney

Joblessness is at a rate almost beyond belief.  The financial markets have tumbled.  Madoff is in jail.  The prospect of double-digit investment returns may be beyond reach for many years.  People are grasping.  So, why do we still avoid helping to protect the assets we still hold?   Other than inertia, why procrastinate now?

This outline provides specific recommendations for ways to protect your assets.   Even if future threats fail to materialize (hopefully they don't), the immediate payoff of asset protection is the satisfaction and benefit of a greater level of comfort.  Comfort in knowing you finally took action to help protect you and your family’s hard-earned assets.