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Can an Arbitration Be Stayed Pending Another Arbitration?

June 2016
Gregg Jacobson

In an article published by InsideCounsel on June 15, 2016, Gregg M. Jacobson discusses the Federal Arbitration Act. The Federal Arbitration Act gives federal courts the power to stay trials pending the result of arbitration. Jacobson discusses two ways to stay proceedings pending arbitration, including through a motion to stay or through a preliminary injunction. “To avoid the risk of being forced into an arbitration, whether one files a motion to stay or for a temporary preliminary injunction, a similar showing must be made, that allowing one arbitration to take place before another arbitration could waste time and resources; that the arbitrations could result in inconsistent awards; or that there is a high risk of independent and potentially contradictory conclusions,” explains Jacobson. For the full article, you may click here