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Three Things That Keep Oil & Gas Executives Up at Night

June 2015
Annette Idalski & Beau Howard
Oil & Gas Monitor

In an article published by Oil & Gas Monitor on June 5, 2015, Annette Idalski and Beau Howard discuss three things that keep oil and gas executives up at night. A tidal wave of wage and hour lawsuits is hitting the oil and gas industry, and executives are well advised to plan now before they find themselves underwater. Almost 3,000 lawsuits alleging overtime violations under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) have been filed in Texas’ federal courts alone during the last three years. With lawsuits and court fees on their mind, oil and gas executives have plenty to keep them up at night. Idalski and Howard detail three main employment issues for oil and gas executives to be cognoscente of: proper use of contract labor, proper classification of employees and proper use of day rates.