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“Processing and Review: What Comes After ILC?” in The Legal Intelligencer

June 13, 2019

“Processing and Review: What Comes After ILC?” in The Legal Intelligencer by Patrick Kennedy

In the third installment of a four-part e-discovery series published in The Legal Intelligencer on June 12, Philadelphia-based Patrick Kennedy discusses what happens after electronically stored information (ESI) has been “preserved, identified, located and captured.”

 The processing and reviewing phase is the next step in e-discovery after the preservation, identification, location and capturing of ESI, and it is aided by utilizing processing tools or software to organize necessary files into a structured database. Kennedy notes that this structuring organizes information and files pertinent to a case for all parties to review, cutting down on unnecessary data and keeping secure and undisclosed data that does not need to be provided. He adds, “By processing data first—both to remove unwanted and unneeded file types and to move into a structured database format—and then reviewing and categorizing it, we can get a clear handle on what needs to be produced to the other side.”

 In the final installment of the series, Kennedy will discuss exactly how the production step works.

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