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After product is located and extracted, it must be transported, either by vessel, rail, truck, or pipeline, to its sales point or its refining location.  The Energy and Maritime attorneys at Chamberlain Hrdlicka possess significant and wide-ranging experience as to the full scope of legal issues confronted by midstream energy service providers.  What follows are some examples of the results we provide to our clients.


  • Negotiation, drafting, and analysis of gas purchasing, gas gathering, and gas processing agreements.
  • Negotiation, drafting, and analysis of condensate purchasing, condensate gathering, and condensate processing agreements, as well as condensate stabilization agreements.
  • Negotiation, drafting, and analysis of pipeline agreements and easements, as well as surface/land use agreements, water agreements, and aid in construction agreements.
  • Our attorneys are experienced in drafting and negotiating transportation agreements, including vessel charter parties, for the movement of product.
  • Representation of independent oil and gas producers in all phases including leasing and/or purchasing of interests in producing and non-producing properties, drilling and transportation and sale of oil and gas production.
  • We routinely advise our clients and provide legal services in the areas of project finance, renewable energy, mergers and acquisitions, as well as corporate joint venture structuring and corporate joint operating agreements.

Litigation/Dispute Resolution

  • Successful arbitration resulting in a multi-million dollar award to our client, a pipeline contractor.
  • Successful resolution of multiple claims against an inland barge line arising out of a Naptha spill following a marine collision.
  • Successful resolution of multiple claims against inland towing operators for property damage, personal injury, wrongful death, employment discrimination, and sexual harassment.
  • Successful resolution of environmental dumping and pollution claims against blue water oil tankers for alleged pollution of Galveston Bay.