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State and Local Tax ("SALT") issues require state and local tax knowledge. Chamberlain Hrdlicka's SALT Blawg provides exactly that knowledge with news updates and commentary about state and local tax issues.

You can expect to find relevant information about topics such as income (corporate and personal) tax, franchise tax, sales and use tax, property (real and personal) tax, fuel tax, capital stock tax, bank tax, gross receipts tax and withholding tax. SALT Blawg, offers tax talk for tax pros… in your neighborhood.

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by Stewart Weintraub and Jennifer Weidler

On June 3rd, a Federal judge approved a $1 billion class action settlement against AT&T.  The settlement relates to AT&T's collection of state and local taxes applied to its mobile device data plans, which the class action plaintiffs claimed were improperly collected pursuant to the Internet Tax Freedom Act ("IFTA") of 1998.  IFTA prohibits the imposition of state and local taxes upon Internet access through November 1, 2014.  Class action lawsuits were filed in all 50 states against AT&T alleging a violation of IFTA.  The cases were later ...