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State and Local Tax ("SALT") blog issues require state and local tax knowledge. Chamberlain Hrdlicka's SALT Blawg (SALT Blog) provides exactly that knowledge with news updates and commentary about state and local tax issues.

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Weekly SALT Update - Jan. 13, 2012

by Jennifer Karpchuk


Alabama Retail Association Issues Letter Expressing Support for Alabama Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Commission’s Preliminary Report

The Alabama Retail Association addressed a letter on behalf of its 4,000 members,to the Alabama Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Commission.  The letter expressed the Alabama Retail Association’s support for the Commission’s preliminary report and recommendations, stating its belief that simplifying the sales and use tax system would increase compliance and revenue.


Florida Governor Indicates Support of Revenue-Neutral Online Sales Tax Collection Legislation

Florida Governor Rick Scott stated his support for legislation that would provide for revenue-neutral online sales tax collection.  The Governor explained that he would sign legislation relating to online sales tax but would utilize any revenue gains to cut taxes elsewhere.


Florida Appeals Court Holds Foreign LLC Not Liable for Property Tax on Leasehold Improvements

A Florida Appeals Court held that a foreign limited liability company (“LLC”) was not liable for property tax on leasehold improvements.  The court reasoned that there was, “no evidence that the parties to the leases intended for the costs of the leasehold improvements to be part of the total rent charged.”


Louisiana Announces Use of Pre-Paid MyRefund Cards for Income Tax Refunds

The Louisiana Department of Revenue announced that for this coming tax season those taxpayers who do not choose direct deposit for their state income tax refunds will receive refunds in the form of a “MyRefund” pre-paid debit card.  The MyRefund card allows for free withdrawals at various venues, such as: (1) at all banks and credit unions that accept visa; (2) cash-back at retail merchants; or (3) withdrawals at ATMs operated by Chase.  Those taxpayers who prefer checks can still receive checks by calling or visiting any Louisiana Department of Revenue office or by using the online bill pay feature at Chase to issue a check for the balance of the MyRefund card.


U.S. Supreme Court Asked to Review Decision of the Maryland Court of Appeals Validating Maryland’s Nonresident Income Tax

Taxpayers have appealed a decision of the Maryland Court of Appeals to the U.S. Supreme Court.  The Maryland Court of Appeals held that Maryland’s nonresident income tax is valid and does not violate the Federal Commerce Clause, Equal Protection Clause or Privileges and Immunities Clause, or Maryland’s Declaration of Rights or Constitution.


Minnesota Issues Explanation of Changes Affecting Alcoholic Beverage Taxes

The Minnesota Department of Revenue has issued an explanation on a number of changes taking effect during 2012 which impact the alcoholic beverage taxes.  The changes relate to return processing via a new consolidated computer tax system, form changes, electronic filing and payment options.


New Jersey Tax Court Finds Taxpayer in Property Tax Appeal Entitled to Reasonableness Hearing

The New Jersey Tax Court granted a township’s motion to dismiss a taxpayer’s property tax appeal because the taxpayer provided a false response to a request from the tax assessor for income and expense information.  Notwithstanding, the court further held that the taxpayer was entitled to a reasonableness hearing of the assessor’s valuation.


Wisconsin DOR Issues Year-End Sales and Use Tax Report

The Wisconsin Department of Revenue issued its year-end Sales and Use Tax Report, which discusses various topics, including: the recent Department of Revenue Reform Bill, taxability of credit card payments, disaster relief taxes, tracking use tax liability, requirements governing final returns for businesses, exemptions relating to the local rooms tax, and sales and use tax updates and exemptions.


Wyoming DOR Issues Newsletter Addressing Tax Updates

The Wyoming Department of Revenue issued a newsletter addressing updates to sales, use, lodging and excise taxes.  The newsletter addresses tax rate changes as well as vendor compensation instructions.