Photo of Hale E. Sheppard

Hale E. Sheppard



University of Florida, LL.M.T. (Taxation), graduate tax scholar

University of Chile, LL.M. (International Law), highest distinction

University of Kansas, J.D. (Law)

University of Kansas, M.A. (Latin American Studies), honors

University of Kansas, B.S. (Journalism), distinction


Listed, Chambers USA: America's Leading Lawyers for Tax Litigation (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014)

Georgia Super Lawyer (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015)

Bar Admissions

Georgia Bar

Florida Bar

Texas Bar

Washington, D.C. Bar

Court Admissions

U.S. Tax Court

U.S Court of Federal Claims

U.S. Court of International Trade

U.S. Court of Appeals, Federal Circuit

U.S. Court of Appeals, 4th Circuit

U.S. Court of Appeals, 11th Circuit

U.S. District Court, Middle District of Georgia

U.S. District Court, Northern District of Georgia


Practice Areas

Hale is a partner in the Tax Controversy & Litigation Section of Chamberlain Hrdlicka in Atlanta, as well as the Co-Chair of the International Tax Group.  He helps individuals and businesses with IRS problems, particularly those involving international tax issues.  His practice focuses on the following: 

  • IRS audits
  • IRS appeals
  • Tax litigation against the IRS (Tax Court)
  • Tax refund claims and suits
  • Penalty abatement requests
  • Private letter rulings
  • International tax compliance and disputes
  • Foreign account reporting (FBAR)
  • Foreign account tax compliance act (FATCA)
  • Foreign asset reporting (Form 8938)
  • Offshore voluntary disclosure program (OVDP)
  • Streamline Foreign Offshore Procedure (SFOP)
  • Streamline Domestic Offshore Procedure (SDOP) 
  • Controlled foreign corporations (Form 5471)
  • Foreign-owned U.S. corporations (Form 5472)
  • Foreign corporations with U.S. business (Form 1120F)
  • Passive foreign investment company (Form 8621)
  • Foreign partnerships (Form 8865)
  • Foreign trusts (Form 3520 and Form 3520A)
  • Foreign disregarded entities (Form 8858)
  • Foreign transfers (Form 926)
  • Non-resident alien returns (Form 1040NR)
  • U.S. international tax treaties
  • Treaty-based returns positions (Form 8833)
  • Expatriation (Form 8854)
  • Foreign earned income exclusion (Form 2555)
  • Foreign tax credits (Form 1116)
  • Check-the-box entity classification elections (Form 8832)
  • Foreign investment in real property tax act (FIRPTA)
  • International tax withholding (Forms 1042, W-8BEN, etc.) 
  • Reportable transactions (Form 8886)
  • Worker-classification disputes (employee or independent contractor)
  • Voluntary Classification Settlement Program (VCSP)
  • Passive activity loss disputes (Section 469)
  • Conservation easement disputes (Section 170)
  • Trust fund penalty disputes (Section 6672)
  • Hobby loss disputes (Section 183)

Recent Reported Cases and Rulings

  • IRS Private Letter Ruling 131079-14 (IRS National Office ruling regarding potential penalties related to refund methodology for foreign investors in U.S. entities)
  • IRS Private Letter Ruling 201408003 (IRS National Office ruling authorizing parent corporation to make a late “S” election and to treat two subsidiaries as QSubs)
  • IRS Private Letter Ruling 201338014  (IRS National Office ruling regarding multiple foreign retirement accounts and special treatment under bilateral treaty)
  • IRS Private Letter Ruling 201309001 (IRS National Office ruling regarding foreign pension, investment, and other accounts)
  • IRS Private Letter Ruling 201308003 (IRS National Office ruling addressing international tax non-compliance issues)
  • IRS Private Letter Ruling 201242004 (IRS National Office ruling regarding international tax compliance issues concerning foreign retirement plans)
  • IRS Private Letter Ruling 201210009 (IRS National Office ruling allowing taxpayer to rectify tax non-compliance related to Canadian registered retirement savings plan, RRSP)
  • Tiger's Eye Trading, LLC v. Commissioner, 138 T.C. No. 6 (2012) (Tax Court decision in TEFRA partnership litigation or jurisdictional issues related to outside tax basis and penalties)
  • IRS Private Letter Ruling 201131017 (IRS National Office ruling granting taxpayer an extension under 9100 regulations to make favorable international tax election)
  • IRS Private Letter Ruling 201149014 (IRS National Office ruling concerning special five-year net operating loss carryback rules)
  • Curtis Investment Company, LLC v. Commissioner, T.C. Docket No. 10181-08 (pending Tax Court case of first impression concerning proper tax basis in the context of joint and several liability on debt obligations)
  • Landow v. Commissioner, T.C. Memo 2011-177 (Tax Court case regarding employee stock ownership plans, scope of sales and dispositions, and taxpayer rights in cases of involuntary conversations)
  • IRS Private Letter Ruling 201002030 (IRS National Office administrative ruling allowing taxpayer to make multi-year election to resolve international tax issues on a penalty-free, tax-free basis)
  • Virginia Historic Tax Credit Fund v. Commissioner, T.C. Memo 2009-295 (case of first impression in Tax Court regarding proper federal income tax treatment of state tax credit partnerships and their investors), rev'd 639 F.3d 129 (4th Cir. 2011)
  • Heartland Automotive Enterprises, Inc. v. United States, 10 AFTR 2d 2009-2406 (M.D. Ga. 2009) (federal district court case concerning employment taxes and use of electronic tax payment system)
  • LVI Investors, LLC v. Commissioner, T.C. Memo 2009-254 (Tax Court decision analyzing the statute of limitations on assessment in partnership proceedings)
  • Tiger's Eye Trading, LLC v. Commissioner, T.C. Memo 2009-121 (decision by Tax Court on the validity of certain tax regulations and the ability to raise penalty defenses during TEFRA partnership litigation)
  • Topping v. Commissioner, T.C. Memo 2007-92 (significant hobby loss case in which Tax Court ruled in favor of the taxpayer on all major issues concerning an equestrian-based interior design business)
  • IRS Private Letter Ruling 200751012 (IRS National Office ruling granting taxpayer relief from potential back taxes, interest, and penalties resulting from failure to properly report foreign retirement accounts)
  • Vines v. Commissioner, 126 T.C. 279 (2006) (case of first impression in Tax Court involving the use of mark-to-market accounting by securities traders and the legal standards for extensions to file statutory elections)

Articles & Publications

Mr. Sheppard ranks among the most active tax writers in the country, publishing over 80 articles in top trade journals and law reviews.  Click on the following articles to access them:

  1. Form 5472 for Certain Foreign and Domestic Corporations:  New Filing Procedures, New Automated Penalties, New Abatement Standards, and More. 93(5)Taxes — The Tax Magazine 45-60 (2015).

  2. Form 8938 and Foreign Financial Assets:  A Comprehensive Analysis of the Reporting Rules after IRS Issues Final Regulations, 41(2) International Tax Journal 25-50 (2015).
  3. Government Wins Second Willful FBAR Penalty Case:  Analyzing What McBride Really Means to Taxpayers With Unreported Foreign Accounts, 118(4) Journal of Taxation 187(2013).
  4. IRS Introduces Two Unique Tax-Compliance Remedies for U.S. Persons with Unreported Canadian Retirement Plans and Accounts, 39(1) International Tax Journal 11-20 (2013).
  5. Must Taxpayers File “Timely” Forms 1099 to Obtain Section 530 Relief?  Unexpected Answers from a Recent Worker-Classification Case, 91(4) Taxes – The Tax Magazine 55-68 (2013).
  6. Third Time's the Charm:  Government Finally Collects "Willful" FBAR Penalty in Williams Case, 117(6) Journal of Taxation 319 (2012).
  7. The New Duty to Report Foreign Financial Assets on Form 8938:  Demystifying the Complex Rules and Severe Consequences of Noncompliance, 38(3)International Tax Journal 11 (2012).
  8. Direct Sellers Hit by IRS Worker-Classification Audits:  An Analysis of the Obscure Rules, Precedent, and Strategies Applicable to These Workers, 90(8) TAXES – The Tax Magazine 45 (2012).
  9. Limited Liability Company Members and the Passive Activity Loss Rules:  IRS Issues Proposed Regulations After Multiple Court Setbacks, 15(1) Journal of Passthrough Entities 51 (2012).
  10. Qualified Amended Returns:  Case of First Impression Examines Parameters of this Powerful Taxpayer Remedy, 116(2) Journal of Taxation 96 (2012).
  11. IRS Introduces New Settlement Program for Worker-Classification Issues:  Putting the Latest Employment Tax Offer into Perspective, 90(2) TAXES – The Tax Magazine 53 (2012).
  12. Always Say Never:  Tax Court Rejects IRS's Extreme Litigation Position in Penalty Cases, 13(5) Journal of Tax Practice & Procedure 43 (2011).
  13. Better Late Than Never:  The IRS Radically Changes Aggregation Election Procedures in Passive Activity Cases, 13(5) Journal of Tax Practice & Procedure 25 (2011).
  14. If You're On Call, You're Out of Luck:  Tax Court Limits Hours Counted in Passive Activity Loss Disputes, 86(4) Practical Tax Strategies 153 (2011).
  15. The Internal Revenue Service Giveth and the Department of Justice Taketh Away:  Recent Court Opinion Jeopardizes Retroactive Administrative FBAR Relief, 114(1) Journal of Taxation 18 (2011). 
  16. IRS Granted Major Mulligan in TEFRA Partnership Case:  Three Novel Rulings Enable IRS to Avoid One-FPAA-Only Restriction, 89(1) TAXES – The Tax Magazine 47-58 (2011).
  17. District Court Rules That Where There's No Will, There's a Way to Avoid FBAR Penalties, 113(5) Journal of Taxation 293-300 (2010). 
  18. Home Sweet "Property"?  Tax Court Issues Examines Gain Exclusion on Sale of Principal Residence, 113(3) Journal of Taxation 175 (2010). 
  19. When Are Hard Times Hard Enough (for the IRS)?  Examining Financial Distress as Reasonable Cause for Penalty Abatement During an Economic Downturn.  88(10) TAXES – The Tax Magazine 37 (2010); selected for republication in 12(5) Journal of Tax Practice & Procedure 29 (2010).
  20. No Returns, No Problem:  Tax Court Rules in Case of First Impression that IRS Must Consider "Economic Hardship" in Pre-Levy CDP Cases.  12(1) Journal of Tax Practice & Procedure 27 (2010).
  21. As the World Turns:  Court Rebuffs Novel Spin on International Tax Filing Rules, 36(2) International Tax Journal 45-48 (2010).
  22. Strike Three for the IRS in Passive Activity Loss Cases:  Courts United in Rejecting Outdated Limited Partnership Theories, 12(5) Journal of Passthrough Entities 59-69 (2009).
  23. Exploring the Limits of State Law in Resolving Federal Tax Disputes:  Tax Court Denies the IRS's "Back Door" Approach in Alimony Case, 87(8) TAXES – The Tax Magazine 67-73 (2009).
  24. Two More Blows to Foreign Account Holders:  Tax Court Lacks FBAR Jurisdiction and Bankruptcy Offers No Relief from FBAR Penalties, 11(1) Journal of Tax Practice & Procedure 27-34 (2009).
  25. How Much Must One Pay to Play?  Recent Case Clarifies Jurisdictional Deposit Requirement in TEFRA Litigation, 11(5) Journal of Passthrough Entities 39-46 (2008).
  26. It's in the Mail, Right?  Recent Decision Emphasizes Limitations on the Mailbox Rule, The Practical Tax Lawyer 15-18 (Summer 2008).
  27. Make a Decision Already!  Recent Case Highlights How IRS Inaction Can Stymie Taxpayers Requesting Abatement, The Tax Adviser 256-258 (April 2008).
  28. From the Cradle to the Grave:  What Remains of Interest Suspension under Section 6404(g)? 10(1) Journal of Tax Practice & Procedure 41-50 (2008); selected for republication in 58(10) The Monthly Digest of Tax Articles 51-63 (2008).
  29. There Are Some "Guaranties" in Life, But Do You Want to Be the One Making Them?  Analyzing the Unique Tax Rules for Bad Debt Losses, 10(5) Corporate Business Taxation 29-34 ( 2009).
  30. When Bygones Aren't Bygones:  Exploring Solutions for U.S. Persons with Undeclared Canadian Retirement Plans and Accounts, 34(4) International Tax Journal 35-43 (2008).
  31. Beware of the Two-Hatted Tax Matters Partner:  Analyzing How Dual Roles Can Impact TEFRA Litigation, 10(6) Journal of Passthrough Entities 31-40 (2007).
  32. Where There's a Will, There's a Delay:  Do Recent Legislative Changes to the CDP Rules Solve the Perceived Problems? 85(11) TAXES – The Tax Magazine 39-44 (2007); selected for republication in 9(5) Journal of Tax Practice & Procedure 41-46 (2007).
  33. Seeking Cost Reimbursement in Cases of First Impression:  Zealous Advocacy or Pushing Your Luck?  21(3) The Practical Tax Lawyer 15-22 (2007).
  34. Applying Old Theories in New Contexts:  Interest Suspension Upheld Where Government Failed to Prove Fraud, 9(3) Journal of Tax Practice & Procedure 15-18, 47-48 (2007).
  35. The Document Locator Number:  Little-Known IRS Notation May Establish Tax Return Filing Date, 78(1) Practical Tax Strategies 4-11 (2007).
  36. New Penalties for Undisclosed Foreign Accounts:  Putting the Cart before the Horse? 8(3) Journal of Tax Practice & Procedure 29-36 (2006).
  37. Evolution of the FBAR:  Where We Were, Where We Are, and Why It Matters. 7(1) University of Houston Business & Tax Law Journal 1-41 (2006); selected for republication in 57(12) The Monthly Digest of Tax Articles 21-41 (2007).
  38. Repatriating Subpart F Income:  A Fresh Look at Electing to be Taxed as a Corporation, 38(2) Tax Notes International 173-178 (2005), 2005 Worldwide Tax Daily 70-21 (2005).
  39. The Evolving Treatment of Qualified Foreign Dividends:  Where Do We Stand Now? 16 Journal of International Taxation 28 (2005).
  40. You Can Catch More Flies with Honey:  Debunking the Theory in the Context of International Tax Enforcement, 83(2) TAXES – The Tax Magazine 29 (2005).
  41. Only Time Will Tell:  The Growing Importance of the Statute of Limitations in an Era of Sophisticated International Tax Structuring, 30(2) Brooklyn Journal of International Law 453-484 (2005); selected for republication in 57(6) The Monthly Digest of Tax Articles 1-15 (2007).
  42. Tax Treatment of Foreign Dividends Under the JGTRRA:  Further Ambiguities and Opportunities, 15(10) Journal of International Taxation  20-27 (2004).
  43. Regulating Foreign Disregarded Entities with Proposed Form 8858:  Try, Try Again, 33(7) Tax Management International Journal 412-425 (2004).
  44. The Impact of Recent Events on Section 911:  Rocking the Boat or Capsizing the Vessel? 34 Tax Notes International  285 (2004), 2004 Worldwide Tax Daily 75-12 (2004).
  45. The Foreign Earned Income Exclusion:  U.S. International Tax Policy, Political Reality, and the Need to Understand How the Two Intertwine, 37(3) Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law 727 (2004).
  46. Florida Forecast:  More Rain on the Offshore Parade, 15(3) Lawyer 36-37 (2004).
  47. Reduced Tax Rates on Foreign Dividends Under the Jobs and Growth Relief Reconciliation Act:  Ambiguities and Opportunities, 15(7) Journal of International Taxation 14-27 (2004).
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  51. The Andean Trade Preference Act:  Past Accomplishments and Present Circumstances Warrant Its Immediate Renewal and Expansion, 34(4) George Washington University International Law Review 743-788 (2003).
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  53. Reduced Tax on Foreign Dividends:  A Dose of Holiday Cheer for U.S. Investors, 14(4) Lawyer 34 (2003).
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Citations as Legal Authority

In addition to publishing numerous articles, Mr. Sheppard has been cited as a legal authority in many prestigious journals over the years, such as:

  • Harvard Law Review
  • Yale Law Journal
  • Columbia Law Review
  • Georgetown International Environmental Law Review
  • NYU Tax Law Review
  • Virginia Tax Review
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Speaking Engagements

Mr. Sheppard is a frequent speaker on tax topics, having presented before the following groups:

  • Southern Federal Tax Institute
  • Southeastern Accounting Show
  • Georgia Federal Tax Conference
  • Alabama Federal Tax Clinic
  • Birmingham Tax Forum
  • South Carolina Annual Tax Summit
  • Georgia Estate Planning Conference
  • Georgia Tax Forum
  • North Atlanta Tax Council
  • National Association of Tax Professionals
    • Georgia Chapter
    • National Conference
  • National Association of Enrolled Agents – National Convention
  • Atlanta Bar Association
  • Georgia Association of Enrolled Agents
    • Atlanta Chapter
    • Savannah Chapter
    • State Convention
  • Institute of Continuing Legal Education
  • American Society of Women Accountants
  • American Women's Society of CPAs
  • Atlanta Association of Former IRS Agents
  • Technology Association of Georgia
  • Florida Society of Enrolled Agents – State Convention
  • Georgia Society of CPAs
    • North Perimeter Chapter
    • Gwinnett Chapter
    • West Georgia Chapter
    • Buckhead Chapter
    • Savannah Chapter
    • Augusta Chapter
    • Southeast Georgia Chapter
    • Valdosta Chapter
    • Middle Georgia Chapter
    • Rome Chapter
    • Southside Chapter
    • Dekalb Chapter
    • North Atlanta Chapter

Unreported Cases

For taxpayers, "success" is measured by obtaining the best overall economic result, after factoring in taxes, penalties, interest, legal and accounting costs, etc. Accordingly, Mr. Sheppard resolves cases before trial when success so requires.  A partial list of settled tax cases is provided below:

  • A.I. Enterprises v. Georgia Dept. of Revenue, OSAH-REV-SUTA-1026268-60
  • Asper v. Commissioner, Tax Court Docket No. 14456-08
  • Atkinson v. Commissioner, Tax Court Docket No. 20377-08
  • Baltimore v. Commissioner, Tax Court Docket No. 24592-07
  • Bonaventura v. Commissioner, Tax Court Docket No. 732-07
  • Byrd v. Commissioner, Tax Court Docket No. 19218-07
  • Carr v. Commissioner, Tax Court Docket No. 14192-11
  • Carspecken v. Commissioner, Tax Court Docket No. 6168-05
  • Clark v. Commissioner, Tax Court Docket No. 26201-10
  • Crowder v. Commissioner, Tax Court Docket No. 18095-11
  • Deems v. Commissioner, Tax Court Docket No. 13054-06
  • Dixon v. Commissioner, Tax Court Docket, No. 24439-09
  • Edwards v. Commissioner, Tax Court Docket No. 4480-08
  • Emory v. Commissioner, Tax Court Docket No. 21467-11
  • Entrekin v. Commissioner, Tax Court Docket No. 13512-09
  • Foster v. Commissioner, Tax Court Docket No. 14907-08
  • Foster v. Commissioner, Tax Court Docket No. 25101-13
  • Graham v. Commissioner, Tax Court Docket No. 17876-08
  • Harp v. Commissioner, Tax Court Docket No. 28603-10
  • Hendrick v. Commissioner, Tax Court Docket No. 8805-08
  • Herrera v. Commissioner, Tax Court Docket No. 21709-08
  • Hogan v. Commissioner, Tax Court Docket No. 17280-10
  • Housing Associates of Frisco v. Commissioner, Tax Court Docket No. 21780-11
  • Leroque v. Commissioner, Tax Court Docket No. 13253-09
  • Lockhart v. Commissioner, Tax Court Docket No. 17809-06
  • Loesel v. Commissioner, Tax Court Docket No. 14453-12
  • McAlister v. Commissioner, Tax Court Docket No. 18584-08
  • McGovern v. Commissioner, Tax Court Docket No. 8145-09
  • Miller v. Commissioner, Tax Court Docket No. 24376-11
  • Mundy v. Commissioner, Tax Court Docket No. 13500-08
  • Murray v. Georgia Dept. of Revenue, OSAH-REV-ITA-0904170-60
  • Myers v. Commissioner, Tax Court Docket No. 21188-11
  • Nobile v. Commissioner, Tax Court Docket No. 24541-12
  • Norman W. Fries v. Commissioner, Tax Court Docket No. 3439-12
  • Perez v. Commissioner, Tax Court Docket No. 24434-09
  • Pettis v. Commissioner, Taz Court Docket No. 21335-12
  • Power v. Commissioner, Tax Court Docket No. 18135-11
  • Robinson Laurel Partnership v. Commissioner, Tax Court Docket No. 2455-13
  • Robles v. Commissioner, Tax Court Docket No. 9725-13
  • Rosenfeld v. Commissioner, Tax Court Docket No. 11838-12
  • S&S Nursery, Inc. v. Commissioner, Tax Court Docket No. 12920-11
  • Schoen v. Commissioner, Tax Court Docket No. 449-10
  • Selman v. Commissioner, Tax Court Docket No. 5917-12
  • Shofner v. Commissioner, Tax Court Docket No. 5065-11
  • Simmons v. Commissioner, Tax Court Docket No. 5058-06
  • Stringer v. Commissioner, Tax Court Docket No. 15898-07
  • Swan v. Commissioner, Tax Court Docket No. 29465-08
  • Terpstra v. Commissioner, Tax Court Docket No. 12825-10
  • Tsui v. Commissioner, Tax Court Docket No. 26343-12
  • Vintage at Mt. Vernon, LP v. Commissioner, Tax Court Docket No. 15973-10
  • Wasson v. Commissioner, Tax Court Docket No. 8108-09
  • Weller v. Commissioner, Tax Court Docket No. 28236-08
  • Wright v. Commissioner, Tax Court Docket No. 5491-10

Academic Awards

  • Janice Dawson Quinn Tax Scholarship
  • Harry S. Truman Foundation Scholarship
  • Tinker Foundation Scholarship
  • National Security Education Program Fellowship
  • Senator James B. Pearson International Fellowship
  • Kansas Journal of Law & Public Policy, member and note contributor
  • Florida Tax Review, graduate editor

Professional Affiliations

  • Journal of Taxation, former Editorial Board member and tax columnist
  • IRS-Practitioner Liaison Committee, Georgia Bar representative
  • Journal of Tax Practice & Procedure, Editorial Board member
  • Georgia Bar Tax Section, former President
  • Georgia Bar Journal, former Editorial Board member
  • GSU Low-Income Taxpayer Clinic, Advisory Committee member
  • American Bar Association Tax Section
  • Atlanta Bar Association, Tax Section
  • Georgia Council for International Visitors, Citizen Diplomat
  • Chamberlain Hrdlicka – Executive Committee Member
  • American Citizens Abroad, Tax Advisory Council member
  • Georgia Super Lawyers (2012, 2013, 2014)
  • Chambers USA - Leader in Tax Litigation (2009, 2012, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014)