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Court Hands Oil Industry IC Classification Win

March 11, 2019
Staffing Industry Analysts

In an article published this week by Staffing Industry Analysts, shareholder and chair of the firm’s national labor and employment group Annette Idalski is featured for serving as lead counsel for Premier Directional Drilling in Parrish v. Premier Directional Drilling. In the highly anticipated court case with broad implications for the oil industry and all industries utilizing contract workers, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals court unanimously concluded that directional drilling engineers can be classified as independent contractors and not employees.

Idalski says, “Oil and gas companies can now maintain contract classification for workers and preserve their business model without fear.” In 2016, a Fair Labor Standards Act lawsuit was filed against Premier, claiming it misclassified workers as independent contractors and failed to properly compensate for overtime. For the full article, please click here.