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10 Must-Do Estate Planning Strategies Before Congress Acts on Tax Reform

June 14, 2017
The Street

In an article published by The Street on June 10, 2017, Chamberlain Hrdlicka shareholder Scot Kirkpatrick suggests that individuals should hire a professional to help with their estate planning.

When you’re addressing any big changes to your estate plan, bring a financial advisor or another estate specialist on board first, Kirkpatrick explains. “Individuals typically put off estate planning because they are extremely busy in other aspects of their lives,” he continues.

“For them, it isn’t the cost of estate planning that causes them to overlook it, it is the time, attention and focus it requires.” Kirkpatrick goes on to explain that this is where an estate planning expert can help. “They point their clients in the right direction, and educate them on important estate-related financial decisions.”