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“For Midsize Firms, 'a Hundred Considerations' in Repopulating the Office”

May 14, 2020

Larry Campagna quoted in “For Midsize Firms, 'a Hundred Considerations' in Repopulating the Office”

The Mid-Market Report

In an article published on May 14, 2020 in The Mid-Market Report, Managing Shareholder Larry Campagna discusses how law firms are strategizing how they can safely reopen. 

Even though Texas and Georgia have lifted some restrictions, the firm has not reopened its offices and is still planning the best way forward.

“There are a hundred considerations,” explains Campagna. “The first consideration is putting our people first, and not just because we care about them. At a law firm, people are assets. We make money by helping clients, and if people aren’t around to do that, you’ve lost your moneymaking engine.”

Campagna further explains that the firm has focused only on the first phase of repopulating its offices, which will include continuing remote work on most days while allowing smaller groups to stagger time in the office a few days a week. Additionally, he noted that there will be hand sanitizer in the office and new signage to remind people of health and safety measures, and lawyers and staff will be required to wear masks when they are outside of their personal work areas.

“The firm will require lawyers and staff to check their temperatures before going to the office and stay home if they have any signs of sickness. More vulnerable lawyers and staff, including those over age 65 and anyone with underlying health conditions, will stay home instead of staggering time in the office,” he said. “We, like most firms, are lucky because the transition to remote work went pretty smoothly,” he continued. “People are working and getting their hours in, so the urgency to restaff our offices doesn’t feel too great. Working from home isn’t perfect, but it still works, so what’s the rush?”

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