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“Pa. Business Income Rule Sparks Worries Of Tax Overreach,” Law360 Tax Authority

June 10, 2024

Jennifer Karpchuk Adds to Discussion About New Proposed Regulation

In a recent article in Law360 Tax Authority on June 7, 2024, Philadelphia-based S.A.L.T. Co-Chair Jennifer W. Karpchuk added to the discussion on a new regulation proposed by the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue that has tax practitioners concerned. The new regulation outlines what constitutes apportionable business income, which many claim portions of may be an overreach by the department.  

"The lengthy unitary analysis is not supported by the statute and may be, in fact, contrary to it," Karpchuk said.

The article included insight from other tax attorneys and examined how this proposed regulation could impact new legislation and other issues that may arise should it go into effect.

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