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“The Employee Retention Credit: Scams And Successes,” Forbes

August 17, 2023

Tom Cullinan discussed the Employee Retention Credit in a recent interview with Tax Notes Talks Podcast

Following a recent interview with Tax Notes Talks Podcast, Atlanta-based Shareholder Tom Cullinan discussed the Employee Retention Credit. The transcript of the interview was published in an article in Forbes’ Money Market on August 15, 2023. The article outlines Cullinan’s conversation with Caitlin Mullaney on everything ERC, providing an overview of what it is and why is top of conversation recently.

“At a high level, I think of it as a lifeline to a lot of small businesses that were hurt by COVID,” explains Cullinan. “There's a lot of technicality to it. First, most people just call it the ERC, but it's a refundable tax credit for businesses and tax-exempt organizations that had employees and were affected during the COVID-19 pandemic. It's available to eligible employers that paid qualified wages to some or all employees during 2020 or 2021. So it's over now, but qualifying businesses still have some time to file refund claims for prior periods. So that's why we're still seeing a lot of activity. And it can be a lot of money, up to $26,000 per employee.”

To read the full interview transcript, click here.