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The Proliferation of Patent Boxes

March 2016
IP Strategist

In an article published in the March issue of IP Strategist, Lori-Ann Johnson discusses the explosion of patent boxes – a catchy shorthand label that has been given to the tax incentive programs for intellectual property assets – across the world. Johnson explains, “patent box regimes should more appropriately be termed IP boxes or innovation boxes, because most nations allow one to obtain a lower tax rate on profits derived from IP assets other than patents, including trademarks, designs and copyrights. A few even accept know-how and trade-secrets.” Johnson emphasizes that, “the U.S. has recently suggested an innovation box regime for the purpose of incentivizing U.S. companies and multi-nationals to keep their IP and R&D dollars in the United States. This innovation box regime could put the U.S. on par with the tax rate found in some countries such as the UK and The Netherlands.” For the full article, subscribers may click here