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“DEI: Not Quite as Easy as 123”

December 5, 2022

Alissa Gipson article on "DEI: Not Quite as Easy as 123”

Texas Lawyer

In an article published by Texas Lawyer on November, 28, 2022, attorney Alissa Gipson discussed diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in law firms and provided guidance on the proactive measures attorneys should consider when searching for a new firm with an eye on aligning its DEI goals and your values. Specifically, she highlighted four components to use as a baseline when researching a law firm’s DEI goals including: committees and affinity groups, leadership, organization statistics and making a larger impact.

Gipson also wrote “DEI initiatives in the industry aren’t happening at just the attorney level. There are countless organizations in the community, within undergraduate institutions and at law schools that focus on mentoring and teaching diverse students who wish to enter the legal industry. These groups seek to give diverse students the knowledge and insight they need in order to develop successful legal careers, which is important in an industry that is working to continue the DEI momentum it has started to build.”  

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