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"I-9 Form Audit—What to Expect and How to Prepare?"

May 17, 2021

Article by Kisshia Simmons on "I-9 Form Audit—What to Expect and How to Prepare?"

Texas Lawyer

Our Immigration Practice regularly fields questions and concerns regarding the I-9 Form audit process. For a good reason. The U. S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) has increased the number of I-9 audits by 500% in the past four years. And, as the number of audits increases, so do the fines.

In a recent Texas Lawyer article, Kisshia Simmons, immigration attorney in the Chamberlain Hrdlicka Houston office, discusses what employers should know about the I-9 audits and how to prepare.

‘To better prepare for a potential audit, employers should conduct regular self-audits,’ says Simmons. ‘This will allow for early identification of gaps in documentation and mistakes made on the I-9 form, as well for corrective actions needed, including fixing errors and providing additional training. Self-audits should be completed annually and be supervised by an experienced attorney, who can properly draft the remediation protocol and supervise the remediation process to avoid additional mistakes being made.’

To avoid mistakes, Simmons also recommends that companies develop an audit preparedness protocol.

‘Companies need to be mindful of I-9 form requirements and institute sound corporate practices and protocols prior to an audit,’ says Simmons. ‘Adequate training, regular self-audits and detailed audit action plans will go a long way to avoid unnecessary stress, loss of productivity and financial penalties. Lack of such foresight can lead to dire consequences.’

To learn more about recent I-9 audit trends and how to prepare, read the full article here.