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Pennsylvania Ruling Can Help Redefine School Funding Formula

February 26, 2023

Jennifer Karpchuk and Olivia Klein’s column, “Pennsylvania Ruling Can Help Redefine School Funding Formula,” in Bloomberg Tax

Bloomberg Tax

On February 24, 2023, Bloomberg Tax published a column written by Philadelphia-based Shareholder and S.A.L.T Practice Co-Chair Jennifer Karpchuk and Law Clerk Olivia Klein discussing how a recent Pennsylvania court ruling is redefining the school funding formula. They note that “A court ruling is requiring Pennsylvania to reevaluate how it distributes revenue among school districts to create a more equitable system—and it should view this as an opportunity for economic development and growth.” The ruling calls not just for a redistribution of state aid but also an increase in overall funding. Over the coming year the Pennsylvania state legislature will have to make decisions about where the additional funding will come from. To learn more, subscribers may view the full article here.