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Aviation and Product Liability




Chamberlain Hrdlicka’s aviation litigators recognize the unique challenges presented by catastrophic losses and significant exposure when an aircraft and/or component part is the alleged cause of an air accident.  Our attorneys are not litigators but trial attorneys who handle wrongful death and survival actions, product liability, personal injury and property damage, and warranty claims.  In meeting such challenges, our aviation attorneys have specialized knowledge in technical, regulatory, legal doctrines, conventions and statutes that arise in the aviation context including the Warsaw Convention/Montreal Convention, Airline Deregulation Act, Federal Aviation Act preemption and the General Aviation Revitalization Act which is critical to the effective handling of aviation cases.

In managing aviation litigation, each defense is tailored to the client and the situation.  Our experienced trial lawyers know how to get results in the courtroom and aggressively negotiate favorable settlements.  The firm’s well-deserved reputation in successfully trying aviation cases provides leverage in settlement negotiations and mediations.  Adversaries understand that any settlement will be in the best interest of the client and not as a trial avoidance tactic.


Chamberlain Hrdlicka’s product liability attorneys have decades of experience defending clients in litigation related to products and claims.  Our attorneys consistently deliver both value and excellent results in consumer products, agricultural products, heavy equipment and recreational products, toilets, ladders, exercise equipment, forklifts, automotive, manufacturing equipment, chemical and medical device.  Knowledge of the product, the client’s goals and seasoned trial experience are the keys to successfully defending each client’s product.