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Regulatory Practice



One of the unfortunate consequences of operating a business in the energy industry, as well as the maritime industry, is the constant presence of government regulation, both at the state and Federal levels of government.  Chamberlain Hrdlicka’s Energy and Maritime attorneys are experienced in both assisting clients with interpreting the regulatory maze created by our government, as well as advocating for our clients with various regulatory bodies.  Below are some examples of our regulatory experience.

  • Formation of a lobbying group of various maritime employers, known as Maritime Jobs for Texas, and successful facilitation of lobbying efforts to alter the venue provisions in Texas state court cases for Jones Act seamen pursing litigation against their maritime employers.
  • Administered actions to enforce mineral liens on behalf of oilfield services contractors.
  • We have extensive experience representing entities involved in the transportation of products with the United States Coast Guard, Department of Homeland Security, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and Department of Labor.
  • Compliance analysis to various clients with the Jones Act and Coastwise Trading Act.
  • Compliance with Department of Homeland Security / U.S. Coast Guard regulations.
  • Assisting offshore drilling contractors in compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Act regulation compliance.
  • Our attorneys assisted a mid-stream energy support services and transportation company with compliance with the Jones Act and Coastwise Trading Act during the sale of their business to a third party.
  • Flagging and re-flagging of vessels under the laws of various nations, including the United States.
  • Advocating for clients with the United States Customs Office with respect to importing and exporting regulations.
  • Full service assistance in the prosecution of a patent claim with the United States Patent Office.
  • Registration of trademarks and copyright claims with the United States government.