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Patent Prosecution & Strategic Counseling



In today’s global economy, your business faces a growing number of challenges when it comes to intellectual property. To stay competitive and build your company’s value, you require a holistic, business-focused IP strategy and implementation that goes beyond research and development to proactively build a strong patent portfolio. Our team provides a full range of patent services, including preparation and prosecution of patent applications, patent portfolio management, monetization of patent assets, assertion assessment, analysis of patent-related properties, and licensing services and counseling. Our business-first approach is designed to help your company increase revenues and build the value of your portfolio through licensing, enforcement, and other commercialization strategies.

Preparation & Prosecution

Unlike most general practice firms, we a full-service IP practice with significant experience in all aspects of patent law. Our knowledge of patent prosecution, familiarity with the operations of the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office ("USPTO"), and our patent litigation experience differentiate us from our competitors when it comes to building your IP portfolio.  Our patent lawyers and professionals have successfully prepared, prosecuted, and secured issuances of many thousands of utility and design patent applications in the United States and throughout the world across a full spectrum of technologies. Our team includes a strong combination of advanced science and technical degrees and industry experience in mechanical and electrical engineering, computer hardware and software, and other highly technical areas. As a result, we not only understand the technology behind your product or service, but also the legal and business issues challenging your company. Our professionals’ extensive technical backgrounds combined with decades of experience in patent law enable us to build solid patents and effective prosecution strategies, from idea to issuance and beyond.

Our priority is to employ teams that allow us to take a primary role in developing a valuable global patent portfolio in an effective and cost-efficient manner. Our professionals are well versed in the standards of patentability and patent procedures in foreign patent offices around the world. We are able to provide a well-coordinated, consistent, and comprehensive global prosecution strategy that maximizes patent protection and minimizes costs associated with foreign filing and prosecution. These efforts result in stronger foreign patents and reduce the risk of complications in any U.S. litigation that may arise involving a U.S. counterpart patent.

Strategic Counseling

As intellectual property becomes increasingly vital to innovative businesses, progressive companies and research institutions are beginning to take a strategic look at their IP portfolios to identify where they have strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for additional revenue. Engaging experienced counsel on strategic patent portfolio analysis has become essential to clients who want to maximize their revenue-generating opportunities.

Our highly experienced patent lawyers counsel clients ranging from emerging companies to Fortune 50 companies on how to maximize their business returns by creating and managing their patent portfolios. As part of our counseling activities, we regularly advise on patentability, validity, and freedom to operate issues, provide opinions, and conduct due diligence and address other issues connected with corporate mergers and acquisitions. Our patent lawyers have detailed knowledge of a wide array of complex technologies to help you make the most of your IP assets.