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Trademark Prosecution & Strategic Counseling



Consumers today have more options than ever. Successful companies rely on the power of their trademarks and brands to communicate the quality and distinctiveness of their products and services to customers. Trademarks are often some of the most valuable assets of a company. Infringement or dilution of a mark can cost millions in revenue and goodwill, which means building your brand’s identity and reputation—and then protecting it—are paramount for attracting and maintaining customers. Whether you are launching a new product or protecting your brand from new competition, strategic trademark counsel is a necessity.

Members of our team understand that “one size does not fit all” in trademark matters and that different companies have different priorities and resources. Beyond our legal skills, our business-first perspective makes us uniquely equipped to support all aspects of your company’s growth. From global trademark registration to enforcement and everything in between—including global portfolio management, licensing of brand assets, due diligence in transactions, and litigation—we are deeply invested in your success.

Our practice includes a core of experienced trademark attorneys, legal assistants, and staff professionals. Our extensive experience with virtually every type of product and service and every facet of trademark protection helps us advise clients on the best path to protect, advocate, and leverage valuable intellectual property (IP) assets.

We follow the life of a mark from selection, clearance, filing, prosecution, and maintenance to portfolio management, trademark audits, licensing, watch services, disputes, and litigation. We have extensive experience in preparing trademark opinions and in filing, prosecuting, and maintaining both U.S. and foreign trademark applications and registrations as clearly demonstrated by the number of trademark matters we handle around the world. Before adopting a trademark, we advise clients on strategies for selecting “strong” marks that are protectable and registrable. Our counseling during the early phases of trademark development helps avoid costly conflicts or enforcement problems down the road. The scope of our practice offers great flexibility. Our client base is diverse and global, encompassing small and large companies and organizations from a range of industries.

Should issues arise, we also handle proceedings in front of the Trademark Trial in Appeal Board (“TTAB”). TTAB proceedings are much like civil litigation, including initial, expert, and pretrial disclosures. We have practiced before the TTAB for decades and have extensive expertise in handling opposition and cancellation proceedings before the TTAB.

Valuable trademarks may also be a source of revenue streams that expand profitability at limited additional expense. We also advise clients on brand extensions to new goods and services, co-branding opportunities with other brand owners, and franchising opportunities for better trademark visibility and revenue enhancement.