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"3 Reasons 401k Plan Sponsors are Smiling"

December 11, 2018

Article by Joshua Sutin on "3 Reasons 401k Plan Sponsors are Smiling"

Fiduciary News

In an article posted Dec. 11, 2018 on Fiduciary News, shareholder Joshua Sutin discusses the growth of retirement plan accounts in recent years. Sutin states, “the recent growth of value in the market has made most retirement plan accounts grow at a very healthy rate. This makes the plan sponsor look good to employees and their investment advisers seem like geniuses.”

Although there has been growth, Sutin also warns that plan sponsors should think about next steps if there is a downturn. Sutin says, “I would advise plan sponsors to start thinking about how to offset the risk of market volatility with their investment advisers and start coming up with strategies to show how prudent, careful and diligent fiduciaries are being before the storms hit. For the full article, please click here.