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“Frustrations Mount Over ERC Processing Delays,” Tax Notes

June 4, 2024

Tom Cullinan adds Insights to Tax Notes Article

In an article published in Tax Notes State on June 4, 2024, Atlanta-based Shareholder Tom Cullinan adds his insight to the discussion of the IRS delays on processing employee retention credit (ERC) claims.

“Right now, there’s probably . . . 10 cases that have been filed in district courts. I would predict that within a couple of weeks, maybe a couple of months, that will increase to a couple of dozen, and that’ll be a couple hundred and before long, it’s a couple thousand,” Cullinan told Tax Notes.

The article discussed what the end of the IRS moratorium will look like for taxpayers. Cullinan commented on the IRS potentially sending another round of letters to taxpayers to alert them of disallowed claims, which would still leave the IRS with a large number of claims to process. “The $64,000 question is what are they going to do with all those claims?” Cullinan said.

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