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“Pandemic Relief Fraud Scheme Shut Down, TIGTA Says,” Tax Notes

April 25, 2024

Tom Cullinan quoted in Tax Notes article

In an article published in Tax Notes on April 25, 2024, Atlanta-based Shareholder Tom Cullinan provided his insight on the IRS and Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) stopping a plan where individuals tried to falsely claim $3.5 billion in pandemic aid.

“Good for TIGTA and for the IRS for rooting out what is actual fraud,” said Cullinan, a former adviser to the IRS commissioner. “There is a concern, though, that there are a lot of legitimate businesses out there that are still waiting for their refunds,” he added.

Cullinan also noted that while the details of the scam were left out, these fraudulent actions are nothing new.

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