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How Jacobs Pried $109M For Blast Costs From Conagra Brands

October 24, 2018
Engineering News-Record

In an article published on Oct. 24, 2018 by Engineering News-Record, construction attorney Gina Vitiello comments on the unusual course of action in the decade-long liability case between Jacobs Engineering and Conagra Brands stemming from a 2009 explosion. The case ended with an appeals court upholding a ruling that Jacobs was not responsible, ordering ConAgra to payout $109 million to Jacobs to cover the money that Jacobs and its insurers had paid to settle lawsuits.

Over the course of the trial, attorneys for Jacobs made a few missteps, however, including purportedly misrepresenting the health condition of a witness to postpone his deposition. According to Vitiello, this unusual strategy “was not the sort of thing you would typically see in the field of corporate litigation.” For the full article, you may click here.