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“Women in Law Roundtable Discussion 2022,” The Legal Intelligencer

October 11, 2022

Jennifer Karpchuk featured in The Legal Intelligencer’s “Women in Law Roundtable Discussion 2022”

The Legal Intelligencer

S.A.L.T. Practice Co-Chair Jennifer Karpchuk was featured in The Legal Intelligencer’s “Women in Law Roundtable Discussion 2022.” This year, Karpchuk and other panelists tackled how to combat the post-COVID era’s “Great Resignation,” the move to hybrid schedules, and the importance of mentors as young women advance in their legal careers. Panelists also speculated about the future, post-COVID workplace as attorneys and professional staff return to the office from working solely at home.

Karpchuk explained that Chamberlain Hrdlicka understands not one size fits all when it comes to hybrid work schedules. She said, “I think the thing that’s been beneficial to the firm is that we are hybrid and that’s sort of left to the individual’s discretion. And that has helped a lot of women in the firm be able to find a balance.”

She also emphasized the importance of mentorship in discussing the ways pandemic innovations like Zoom have created new opportunities for professional development. “I think that’s really an opportunity for firms to increase opportunities [for professional development], particularly firms that have offices throughout the country…with the way that Zoom is now, it’s really an opportunity to engage with the other offices.”

To read the full roundtable transcript, please visit The Legal Intelligencer here.