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Law360: Contractor Owes $14M For Exxon Pipeline Work, Co. Says

December 4, 2023

Kyle Hawes represents Castle Energy Group in lawsuit against Universal Ensco

A Law360 article discusses Castle Energy Group LLC vs. Universal Ensco Inc. lawsuit, recently filed in the in the Southern District of Texas. According to Castle Energy Group (Castle Energy), represented by Kyle Hawes, chair of Chamberlain Hrdlicka’s Litigation Practice, Universal Ensco Inc. (Universal) refuses to pay Castle’s final invoice as well as more than $10 million in compensation for being placed on standby by Universal.

In 2019, Universal hired Castle Energy to build a pipeline running between Texas State Highway Beltway 8 and Texas State Highway 225 in Houston. Castle Energy was also asked to perform additional work on the project. The majority of the work at issue occurred in 2020 and includes times when Castle Energy had to keep certain equipment on site later than anticipated, as well as construction delays it alleges were outside its control. The total owed amount is $14.6 million.

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