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“Chamberlain Hrdlicka Names New Construction Team Leader”

September 8, 2021

Article about Gina Vitello becoming the New Construction National Chair


In an article published in Law360 on September 8, 2021, Managing Shareholder, Larry Campagna and Atlanta-based Shareholder Gina Vitiello discuss Vitiello’s new role as the firm’s national chair of the Construction Practice.

"A lot of people think that because there's a boilerplate form contract from an architectural association or contractors association or even the state that there's no room for negotiation of those provisions, and that's simply not true," said Campagna. "And in fact, some of the boilerplate provisions are quite dangerous not to negotiate." Campagna describes Vitiello as a sharp leader and a powerful communicator.

Vitiello shared with Law360 the practice area is growing, especially as the firm's construction attorneys collaborate with its corporate practice, leading the construction law attorneys to advise clients earlier in the project's life cycle, including when project contracts are still being negotiated.

"Traditionally our practice has been mostly litigation and dispute resolution after things have started, but more and more we're getting involved at the transactional level when the contracts are being signed," said Vitiello. "Individually we've done a really, really good job of going out and getting clients and building the practice. ... I think now the firm is large enough and well known enough that we can now leverage the name of the firm and the reputation of the construction practice at the firm to go out and get clients."

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