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“What Mom-And-Pop Landlords Can Do To Relieve Eviction Ban Pressure”

February 12, 2021

Quote by Stephanie Friese in “What Mom-And-Pop Landlords Can Do To Relieve Eviction Ban Pressure”

Forbes Advisor

In an article published on February 12, 2021 in Forbes Advisor, Chamberlain Shareholder Stephanie Friese discusses the recent eviction ban that is forcing landlords to house people who would otherwise be homeless while still being responsible for mortgages and property taxes. This burden has caused many landlords to suffer financial distress.

The article shares an example of a client of Friese, a landlord whose rental property is his sole source of income, and explains that he has not been paid in six months. She and her client are suing DeKalb County, trying to force the local government to begin eviction proceedings.

Friese explains that she doesn’t believe the court’s unwillingness to schedule evictions is based on statutory authority: “Some counties have just willy nilly decided not to schedule evictions.”

“What these orders are doing is taking property without compensation. I don’t think it’s constitutional,” says Friese. “It’s indentured servitude to have to uphold your responsibilities as a landlord while people can live there for free.”

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