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“Here are Ways Restaurants Can Reduce Audit Risk,” QSR Magazine

July 10, 2024

Jerrika Anderson Published in QSR Magazine

In an article published in QSR Magazine on July 5, 2024, Atlanta-based Associate Jerrika Anderson discussed ways to reduce tax audit risk for restaurants. Anderson provided insight on common audit triggers and advised on best practices for restaurant owners to avoid these triggers.

Outlining the three main types of audits, correspondence, office and field, Anderson explained, “For each audit type, the IRS provides a written request for documents via a formal Information Document Request (IDR) form. The IRS will not call a taxpayer or business to start a civil audit.”

“If the IRS believes an adjustment to your tax return is necessary, the agency will start asking questions via IDRs. Prepare a complete response to every item in the IDR and ensure that you reply by the deadline in the request. Always send your responses to the IRS using a delivery confirmation service,” Anderson wrote.

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