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“How to Contest Your Property Taxes Deep in the Heart of Texas”

May 4, 2022

Pete Lowy article on “How to Contest Your Property Taxes Deep in the Heart of Texas”

Bloomberg Tax

In an article published on May 4, 2022 in Bloomberg Tax, Houston-based Shareholder Pete Lowy discusses how Texas has a robust process to contest property taxes, and state taxpayers could benefit from understanding the appraisal process as well as options for administrative and judicial challenges.

“No doubt, tax authorities in Texas are at time overzealous in their valuations on which property taxes are computed,” explains Lowy.

He further explains that there is typically not a single, clear-cut value that should be assigned to any particular piece of property. “Expert appraisers frequently disagree about a property’s proper valuation. So do taxpayers and the tax authorities who rely on the experts,” writes Lowy.

Lowy outlines the robust process in Texas to contest your property taxes, including the stakes at hand, overview of property tax administration, the appraisal process, administrative challenges and judicial challenges.

“The procedural rules to challenge appraisal district actions in administrative protest and in appeals in the district courts are designed to ensure that taxpayers pay their fair share of property taxes, but no more,” said Lowy.

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