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“Investing in Industrial Outdoor Storage?”

July 1, 2023

Christine Norstadt’s article, “Investing in Industrial Outdoor Storage?” in Business Facilities

Business Facilities

While some view industrial outdoor storage as the “ugly duckling” of real estate, it is currently in demand. Atlanta-based Shareholder Christine Norstadt shares in an article that published on June 30, 2023 in Business Facilities what to know.

“Whether one is evaluating an IOS investment or lease opportunity as a potential purchaser, investor, or user, one should carefully review the applicable laws, rules, and regulations to determine if a jurisdiction will permit IOS uses and ascertain other conditions that may be imposed on the site,” explains Norstadt.

She further notes that investing in or using a product type like IOS where the rules are rapidly evolving requires some risk-taking. “Gathering as much information about the IOS market as possible will help a prospective owner or user best evaluate those risks,” said Norstadt.

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