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“Professional Development: The Missing Link in Attaining Career Satisfaction”

May 3, 2022

Stephanie Friese article on “Professional Development: The Missing Link in Attaining Career Satisfaction”

Daily Report

In an article published on May 3, 2022, in the Daily Report, Atlanta Co-Managing Shareholder Stephanie Friese discusses how attorneys are most satisfied when they work at firms that are committed to lawyer development. She notes that a focus on development increases personal job satisfaction, employee motivation and helps build morale.

“Most firms are relatively good at setting goals related to task performance, job responsibilities and measurable milestones such as firm growth and profitability, but lawyers who are happiest and most engaged have experienced the benefit of another type of goal: Those goals that broaden and deepen skillsets and competencies through access to learning and training opportunities, coaching and mentoring,” explains Friese.

She further outlines how firms should play a role in providing access to resources, coaching, mentoring programs, leadership development and opportunities for substantive involvement in significant matters. “Ultimately, as with most endeavors, it is up to the individual to be persistent, assertive and accountable in taking charge as the captain of an individual’s professional development ship,” said Friese.

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