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Privacy & Data Security



Personal information is an increasingly valuable – and increasingly risky – business asset. Over 100 countries now have their own data protection laws regulating the collection, use, disclosure, and security of personal information. The complex and at times conflicting obligations imposed by these laws can be challenging for companies seeking to comply with their privacy and data security obligations. Our lawyers are able to offer practical advice that helps our clients balance compliance with running a business in a cost-effective manner.

Our straightforward approach allows us the ability to advice the world’s largest and best-known global enterprises as well as small and medium sized organizations. Our skills are particularly valued by companies with an online presence and those operating internationally. Organizations in these areas face multiple layers of regulation and appreciate the timely, knowledgeable, and realistic advice that our attorneys provide. We work with our clients on compliance and risk management, establish programs and policies, provide employee training, respond to regulatory inquiries and investigations, and, where necessary, litigate. In the event of data breaches or alleged improper use of data, we provide swift, effective incident response and represent clients in litigation and government investigations.

We advise on a broad range of privacy and data protection matters, including:  privacy policies and procedures, information handling, security breaches, regulatory investigations, global compliance, cross-border data transfers, training programs, compliance audits, commercial transactions including M&A due diligence, website privacy policies, email and telemarketing regulation, litigation, and legislative advocacy.