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“What Should Midsize Firms Consider When Contemplating A Merger?,” The Mid-Market Report

April 4, 2024

Larry Campagna quoted in an article published in The Mid-Market Report

In an article published in The Mid-Market Report on March 28, 2024, Managing Shareholder Larry Campagna discussed the choice to not merge firms in 2021 and stay midsize.

“We’ve rebuffed overtures from much larger firms many times. There just wasn’t a lot of appetite for becoming massively larger,”  Campagna said.

The article also mentioned the addition of several attorneys across various Chamberlain Hrdlicka offices and the recognition this has given us.

“There are significant differences between 150-lawyer firms and 500-lawyer firms. Remaining middle market has some major challenges, but we like those challenges,” he told the Mid-Market Report.

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