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“Practicing Law Virtually in 2021 Requires Mastering On-Camera Presence”

February 11, 2021

Quote by Seth Price in article on "Practicing Law Virtually in 2021 Requires Mastering On-Camera Presence"

The Daily Report

In an article published in the Daily Report on February 11, 2021, Chamberlain Atlanta-based Shareholder Seth Price is quoted discussing virtual arbitrations and his firsthand knowledge of practicing law virtually.

The article explains that attorneys who are doing this regularly advise there are multiple considerations when getting ready for virtual presentations. “Know that 90% is the same and will run smoothly, yet the 10% that’s different in this virtual setting is significant because it requires extensive planning that should be factored into your prep time,” says Price. “Some of your trusted practices in the physical courtroom may need to be rethought.”

The article further explains considerations for setting up a successful virtual advocacy workspace.

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