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“Due Process Analysis of Proposed Retroactive Changes to the ERC,” Tax Notes Federal

June 4, 2024

On "Ask the CIO" Podcast, Former IRS CIO Nancy Sieger Acknowledges Charles Rettig's Leadership at the IRS

In the recent podcast called ‘Ask the CIO’ published in Federal News Network on May 31, 2024, former IRS CIO Nancy Sieger spoke with host Jason Miller about the state of the IRS. Sieger, who has just retired after 40 years of service, specifically discussed the role of key leadership at the IRS, highlighting our Los Angeles-based Shareholder and former IRS Commissioner Chuck Rettig.

Sieger said, “At the time, it was Commissioner Charles Rettig who was constantly keeping his hand on the pulse of the employees, working with Treasury to ensure that we were delivering the payments and processing tax returns and the IT workforce knew they had support.”

“"This was a case of the workforce having the skills they needed to do this in the most elegant way, and once leadership let them know — from Commissioner Rettig through the different deputy commissioners to myself and all the front line executives at the IRS who helped them — they were able to get things done and help the country,” Sieger told Miller.

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