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“Virtual Professionalism Is Here to Stay: It’s Time to Up Your Game”

June 10, 2021

Quote by Seth Price on “Virtual Professionalism Is Here to Stay: It’s Time to Up Your Game”

Daily Business Review

In an article published in the Daily Business Review on June 10, 2021, Atlanta-based Shareholder Seth Price is quoted discussing preparation and virtual professionalism for a successful virtual arbitration.

“Know that 90% is the same and will run smoothly, yet the 10% that’s different in this virtual setting is significant because it requires extensive planning that should be factored into your prep time. Some of your trusted practices in the physical courtroom may need to be rethought.”

The article discusses the importance of rehearsing for virtual meetings and highlighting areas that require adjustments. Like many lawyers, Price relies on an easel in the courtroom, and that just doesn’t translate in a virtual environment. “Unlike a PowerPoint, which is done in advance, the easel has always given me the ability to show the development of relevant evidence in real time, and I find that folks pay attention to that. There is less of an opportunity to do that in a virtual proceeding.”

Price further explained how he has adjusted and conducted several successful virtual arbitrations but emphasizes that preparation was key to tweaking his presentation style.

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