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“How to Protect Your Business While Working Remotely" in Business 2 Community

April 10, 2020

Article by Gina Vitiello on “How to Protect Your Business While Working Remotely"

Business 2 Community

In an article published on April 10, 2020 in Business 2 Community, Gina Vitiello discusses how companies can protect their business while working remotely. She explains what employers must consider whether and when it may be appropriate to use online meeting platforms and understand the risks involved relating to privacy.

“Although laws may offer some privacy protection regarding live conversations via a telephone line, there is a lot of gray area still when it comes to stored communications conducted via online meetings,” explains Vitiello. “Additionally, many companies do not have policies or guidelines for using, recording or storing online meetings--especially those companies that are using online meetings as a communications tool for the first time during this crisis.”

Vitiello further explains that one thing meeting organizers can do is to limit the use of online meetings for highly confidential or sensitive matters unless there is a need to share electronically stored information.

“While online meetings more closely resemble face-to-face meetings because of the ability to see the participants, the images and voices (and any on-screen presentation materials) become “data,” that can be recorded and/or stored,” says Vitiello. “For most remote communications, the most secure and confidential method remains the telephone.”