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“Video Conferencing and Recording: Know the Risks Before You Connect”

April 23, 2020

Article by Gina Vitiello on “Video Conferencing and Recording: Know the Risks Before You Connect”

Legaltech News

In an article published on April 23, 2020 in Legaltech News, Gina Vitiello discusses video conferencing programs that allow easy recording and sharing of videos, the innovative tool that brings others into the conversation virtually and a host of potential confidentiality, discovery and security issues.

“As often happens with new technology, our risk management best practices are still catching up. This is particularly true with the ability to record video conferences,” explains Vitiello. “Many of these software programs tout easy recording and sharing of those meetings as one of the benefits, but that feature also carries security and legal risks.”

Vitiello further explains that when you strip a video recording down to its basic form it is a digital document, no more or less secure than any other document or “electronically stored information” on an office server.

“You should be concerned about legal adversaries gaining access to meeting recordings as part of discovery in litigation,” says Vitiello. “The sweeping e-discovery requests we see in lawsuits can include video meetings as easily as they do documents and emails.”

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