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Intellectual Property



We build, commercialize, and enforce IP assets globally.

Issues related to Intellectual Property (“IP”) are of great significance to our clients. In business, competition for growth is fierce and IP assets should help drive that growth. However, an increasingly complex landscape of laws, regulations, and legal decisions poses a constant challenge. Chamberlain Hrdlicka’s IP practice group prides itself on navigating this landscape to achieve results for its clients in building, commercializing, and enforcing IP rights. We stand out because we not only know our clients’ business and technology, we know our clients’ competitors and industries and use our legal and business experience to maximize our clients’ competitive advantage. We are relentless advocates for our clients. We prioritize our partnership and respond quickly to business demands by offering actionable solutions to lower risk while maximizing opportunity.

Our team of professionals with technical backgrounds, advanced degrees, and industry experience provides comprehensive, multidisciplinary IP and technology law services to clients worldwide. Our services include defending or prosecuting claims of improper taking or misuse of IP. Our team also negotiates agreements to transfer and commercialize IP and technology around the world, including licensing and mergers and acquisitions. Our services also include filing and prosecuting applications to protect and preserve new IP as well as challenging or defending patents and trademarks at the United States Patent & Trademark Office. Our IP team also provides strategic counseling, including evaluating existing IP.

Our extensive IP experience includes working with top Fortune® 100 and other large companies on complex IP issues in industries such as computers and technology, semiconductors, air conditioning, oil and gas equipment and services, and petroleum refining. However, we also emphasize working with small and medium-sized companies in a broad range of technologies. In 2019 alone, our IP team filed over 380 U.S. patent applications and 350 international applications in multiple technology areas.  

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